Top 5 Types of Criminal Defense Cases

Top 5 Types of Criminal Defense Cases

Top 5 Types of Criminal Defense Cases

Once a criminal incident occurs, there is little time to process what the next steps should be in your criminal defense.  Working with our team right after an incident will help you structure your defense. It’s important to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Above all, it is our job and professional duty to fight for your rights.

We believe everyone has the right to due process and we will proactively work to fight your case. 

Below are the Top 5 most prevalent types of criminal cases we specialize in:

  • Domestic Violence – Most commonly seen as physical in nature, this type of crime does not necessarily have to be violent.  Domestic violence can include acts of physical, sexual, psychological and/or economic violence. These distinctions change based on the relationships between parties.
  • Drug Offenses – Drug offenses in Arizona are different for narcotic drugs, dangerous drugs, and marijuana. Drug crimes include possession, manufacturing, and distribution of classified drugs which have the potential for abuse and death.  The state classifies drugs like cocaine, methamphetamines, ecstasy and even prescriptions like Percocet, Valium, or oxycodone as narcotics or dangerous.
  • Property Crime – Criminal damage is a crime that can include burglary, larceny, theft, arson, shoplifting, vandalism, and destruction. Other examples include robbery or embezzlement.
  • Assault– Assault is the act of intentionally inflicting physical injury or unwanted physical or bodily contact with another person. The state considers intentionally threatening to commit bodily harm assault by definition. Assault can also be a credible threat or an attempt to cause battery. While battery refers to direct bodily contact causing injury.
  • Vehicular Offenses / DUI – If you are in physical control of a car while intoxicated, even if you’re not driving, it can lead to a DUI charge.  Impairment is being under the influence, to the slightest degree, of alcohol or drugs. Regardless if your prescribed you a legal medication, the act of operating a vehicle, if impaired, will lead to the same charges as illicit drugs.

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