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Car Accident and Vehicular Offenses

Criminal Charges After a Collision

Involved in a car accident in Tucson? Then you may need an expert lawyer.

In Arizona, if you are involved in an accident you are legally obligated to stay at the scene and provide the following:

1. Your Name, Address, and Registration
2. Driver’s License
3. If there is an injury, you are required to render reasonable assistance.

Failure to provide information (A.R.S. 28-663) can lead to a Class 3 Misdemeanor and failure to render aide can result in a Class 6 Felony and a potential prison sentence.

Deserting an accident is commonly referred to as “Hit and Run,” but is legally considered Leaving the Scene (A.R.S. 28-663). If you vacate the scene of an accident without fulfilling the requirements above, you can be charged with Leaving the Scene, even if you are not the cause of the accident.

You can be charged with Unlawful Flight (A.R.S. 28-622.01) anytime you fail to stop after an officer flashes red and blue lights or otherwise signals you to stop. This is a felony offense. If you are later involved in an accident that results in an injury or death, you may face additional charges.

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