Open Alcohol Containers in Arizona

Open Alcohol Containers in Arizona

Open Container Laws in the State of Arizona 

In most states, there are laws against driving with an open alcohol container. In Arizona, you cannot possess an alcoholic beverage regardless if you are the driver or the passenger. There are a handful of states across the country that have exceptions to this type of law. The restriction here in Arizona applies to all vehicles located on a public roadway. Including any people in the vehicle, driving or passengers.

Arizona law prohibits an individual from possessing an open alcohol container in a vehicle if the seal has been opened.

The State of Arizona defines “alcoholic beverages” as any beverage containing at least .5% alcohol.

  • Fines:

Up to $750 in fines, up to four months in jail, or both (Class 2 Misdemeanor). If you get a second or subsequent offense, a one-year license suspension may occur. Along with any other detrimental court-imposed conditions.

  • Exceptions:

As of recent, Arizona has changed the law to add “ride-sharing” transportation businesses such as Uber & Lift, to allow its passengers to possess and consume alcohol.

As per Arizona law, an individual can be accused, either as a driver or passenger, of possessing an open container, if an open container (whether empty or not) is present in the vehicle when the citation is taking place. If you or a loved one is charged with an open container offense, As a result, it is imperative for you to contact the DUI Defense Team to guide you through each step of the pending charges.

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