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Prescription Drug DUI

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Top 3 Prescription Drug DUI Topics to Know

DUI Blog: Top 3 Prescription Drug DUI Topics to Know

When receiving a prescription drug from your doctor, you should talk directly with your practitioner on its effects. In the State of Arizona, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence.  It’s a harsh realization as a licensed driver that there are direct associations with this law when speaking about alcohol and illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana. Prescription drugs such as Percocet, Vicodin, Oxycodone, and Valium are as dangerous when mixed with heavy machinery. Arizona’s a zero tolerance DUI state. It is illegal to drive a vehicle while impaired to the slightest degree. The medical needs and body chemistry of every person are different, and everyone has a different effect on prescription. Arizona will prosecute based merely on an officer’s suspicion of impairment.  This comes as an absolute shock to people facing a long legal battle.

How an officer can identify impairment?

  • Law enforcement officers are trained in how to read a driver’s ability to practice safe driving while on the road. They have extensive experience in observing drivers that are erratic, failing to abide by the rules of the road. They can easily spot a vehicle with some form of impairment.
  • When an officer pulls you over for suspicion of DUI, he or she may have you perform a roadside test. If you appeared intoxicated but pass this test, he or she may ask you to submit to a urine or blood test. The purpose of a chemical test is to detect any intoxicants in your system, such as drugs, prescribed or illegal. 
  • To help with the prosecution of drug impairment cases, the state has drug recognition programs. They register an officer as a drug recognition expert (DRE). These experts are certified to recognize drug use and impairment. This agent assists with DUI investigations and their mission is to conclude the following: (1) Was their impairment (2) Does the impairment relate to drugs or a medical condition; and, (3) What types of drugs are (most possibly) causing the impairment in question.

Possible Punishment 

If you are convicted for a DUI via an illegal or prescription drug charge, it can ruin your life. You will be treated just like a typical DUI conviction, with the same penalties. If you refuse to cooperate, you can be arrested and have your driving privileges suspended in most cases. Expect very harsh penalties that can take up to 5 years to complete and correct.

Prescription Drug DUI Defense Attorneys

Being able to introduce a copy of your specific prescription can help with your defense. There are even provisions of the DUI law that you may not be guilty of violating. It is imperative that you work with the DUI Defense Team on reviewing all of the aspects of your case. We will help you build a strong defense before your court proceedings.  Let us help you or your loved one with your case and we will fight for your legal rights.
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