Moved to Tucson? Don’t Get Charged with a DUI or Underage Drinking

An image of multiple drinks, representing a potential DUI

Making the Move to Tucson  Recently, on the 17th August, the Southeastern Arizona DUI Task Force cited employees at nine businesses in Cochise County during a Covert Underage Buyers (CUB) detail. The task force conducted this operation in cooperation with the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses. Underage …

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Do Ridesharing Services Lead to Fewer DUI’s?

A smartphone screen showing a ridesharing app

Ridesharing  For the last three years, ride-hail services have partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to curb drunk driving. Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft reduce the number of people behind the wheel. As a result, it seems logical that they would cut down on drunk driving. Uber even states this on their website. …

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The Dangers Of Alcohol And Motorcycle Riding

A motorcycle on the road

Motorcyclists are increasingly accounting for a higher percentage of total road fatalities. Riders over age 40 accounted for 55 percent of the fatalities. However, the biggest factor in this statistic appears to be a decline in car fatalities. From this article make sure you are aware of motorcycle DUI penalties. Over the last few years, …

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