What to Do After You Are Charged With Shoplifting

A woman shoplifting a bottle of wine

Shoplifting is a crime that involves intentionally taking goods from a retail store without paying for them. If the police recently charged you with shoplifting, you are probably worrying about what penalties you face. You may also be wondering how you can minimize the jail time and fines that can accompany a theft charge. Whatever …

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State v. Jones Clarifies AMMA Patients’ Rights & Possession of Marijuana

A man under arrest for possession of marijuana

Note: This article was written and published before the passage of Prop 207, which legalized recreational marijuana use in Arizona.  If you are a medical marijuana patient in Arizona, you may have heard about the recent ruling by the Arizona Supreme Court. This case, State v. Jones, addressed the differences between the definition of possession …

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What to Do If You’re in a Domestic Violence Dispute

A woman cowering as a man raises his fist in a domestic violence situation

Domestic violence is a serious crime. If someone has accused you, it will impact many different facets of your life. Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence is not always “violent.” It can include physical abuse such as physical attack or assault, but can also include serious emotional abuse or financial abuse. However, sometimes a domestic …

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