Moved to Tucson? Don’t Get Charged with a DUI or Underage Drinking

An image of multiple drinks, representing a potential DUI

Making the Move to Tucson  Recently, on the 17th August, the Southeastern Arizona DUI Task Force cited employees at nine businesses in Cochise County during a Covert Underage Buyers (CUB) detail. The task force conducted this operation in cooperation with the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses. Underage …

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The Dangers Of Alcohol And Motorcycle Riding

A motorcycle on the road

Motorcyclists are increasingly accounting for a higher percentage of total road fatalities. Riders over age 40 accounted for 55 percent of the fatalities. However, the biggest factor in this statistic appears to be a decline in car fatalities. From this article make sure you are aware of motorcycle DUI penalties. Over the last few years, …

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Prescription Drugs Charges and Affect the Way We Drive

Multiple prescription drugs that can cause DUI

A Prescription Drug Can Result in a DUI  Drugged driving is just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol.  It may affect your ability to operate a vehicle. When you hear the term ‘drugged driving’ you may think of illegal drugs, but this also includes prescription drugs and even over the counter medications. …

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The Future of Breathalyzers

A police car on the road conducting a DUI stop where breathalyzers may be used

If you, or someone you know has been convicted with a DUI you may know about the required Ignition Interlock Devices. If not, it is a form of breathalyzer equipment which requires the driver to blow into the device to determine whether their car will start based on their blood alcohol level. While this system works well, there are always ways to improve it due to advances in technology.

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