Do You Know Your Rights at an Unlawful

Traffic Stop

Do You Know Your Rights At An Unlawful Traffic Stop?

Unlawful Stops 

An unlawful police or traffic stop refers to a scenario when a police officer pulls a driver over without probable cause to do so. Anyone can be the victim of an unlawful traffic stop. If the police pull you over, it is likely that they believe that stop is lawful. As a result, it is unlikely that they will change their minds. If you happen to argue the traffic stop, it could lead to additional criminal charges and will only aggravate the situation.

It is important to know your rights at an unlawful stop to avoid escalation of the situation and causing yourself more charges.

If you get unlawfully stopped by a police officer, here are a few things you should remember:

  • Remain calm and respectful, and address them as “officer.”
  • You can respectfully disagree for the record, but do so politely; refrain from debating or being argumentative about the reason for the stop.
  • Cooperate with the officer. Provide routine documentation requested such as ID and registration.
  • If you need to reach into your glovebox or elsewhere to retrieve the documents, tell the officer where these documents are and inform them that you will be are retrieving for the documents from there.
  • Do not volunteer or agree to answer personal questions such as where you’ve been, where you’re going, or what you’ve had to eat or drink that day or evening.
  • Keep your hands on the wheel unless the officer instructs otherwise.  Make sure the officer can see your hands if you move them elsewhere. Avoid sudden movements that the officer might perceive as threatening.
  • Decline to participate in DUI Field Sobriety Testing. SFSTs are not mandatory. Respectfully let the officer know that it is your understanding that the court has held that they can be invalid, and you would not want the results to suggest otherwise.
  • You are within your right to decline a search of your vehicle or belongings unless you’ve been arrested.
  • If the police officer requests a breath or blood test, it is your right to refuse. However, understand there will be consequences. By law, you will lose your driver’s license for one year. If the officer has probable cause to believe you are impaired and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they will obtain a warrant to get a DUI blood test anyway.
  • Be cooperative if the office does arrest you. At that point, the officer has made up their mind, and further objection will only make matters worse.

What to Do After an Unlawful Traffic Stop

Contact an attorney as soon as reasonably possible following your arrest. If retained, your attorney will file a motion to have any evidence suppressed obtained after the unlawful stop.

If an unlawful police stop leads to your DUI arrest, you may have the ability to fight your charges in court.

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