Criminal Charges for Traveling with Marijuana

A toy car filled with cannabis to representing traveling with marijuana

In Arizona, recreational marijuana use was legalized in November 2020 by Proposition 207. Several other nearby states also allow recreational and medicinal cannabis use. Given this information, some individuals may be tempted to bring the drug across state lines. The thought process is that if marijuana is legal in both states, then why would there …

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Driving Under the Influence of Prescription Drugs

Medication that could lead to charges for driving under the influence of prescription drugs

When most people hear driving under the influence (DUI), they immediately think of alcohol. While drunk driving is the most common type of DUI, is it not the only possible charge. Driving under the influence of prescription drugs can also result in criminal charges, even if you were taking the medication with a valid prescription. …

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ARS 13-3408: Narcotic Drug Charges

A man holding a bag of narcotic drugs that are illegal underARS 13-3408

Arizona law classifies several different types of drugs and the penalties vary for each. Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) 13-3401 defines each category and lists what drugs are included. Narcotic drugs are one example and there are nearly 100 different varieties listed in ARS 13-3401. Some of the most well-known include morphine, opiates, cocaine, and heroin. …

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